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Kamagra Paypal Payment, Kamagra Vendita Online


The sticks come from the morning’s “sponge and dough” white, are proved en couche, and are sent to a very hot oven. They gain the characteristics of the French baguette – crunch and flavour.

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Kamagra Paypal Payment, Kamagra Vendita Online

Click on the Additional information tab to learn more about this product.

PANARY’s bread making courses

Like to learn how to make this loaf and many more?  Check out the courses below.

Additional information

Weight N/A


Ingredients (allergens in CAPS)

sea salt, spring water, WHEAT flour, yeast


Organic stoneground white



BUY OUR BREAD is taking orders for delivery/collection for Thursday 28th March. Cheapest Kamagra Pills