1 Day “The Yeast Trio”

Course Description

The yeast trio: fresh, dried and wild.

Learn about the different types of yeast in a course that clears up any mystery surrounding yeast, its function in breadmaking and the wonders of fermentation.

Gain confidence about the correct quantity of fresh and dried yeast to use as we make white and brown breads; the use of yeast in pre-ferments and sponges; and finally, enter the other world of wild yeast employed in PANARY leavens used to make wheat sourdough bread (pain au levain) and sourdough rye that is 100% rye.

Course Programme

09:00 amPaul - feed the wheat sourdough leaven
10:00 amWelcome, coffee, discuss the programme
Inspect and discuss the overnight starter: “biga”/ "poolish"
Inspect the two sourdough leavens: wheat & rye
10:30 amMake BROWN dough with dried yeast
11:00 amMake WHITE dough with “biga”
11:30 amMake sourdough wheat - "pain au levain"
Make sourdough rye with rye leaven +100% rye flour
Make ROLL dough with fresh yeast
Discuss: the trio of yeast, their behaviour & attributes “folding”
Work the brown dough
2:00 pmWork the white doughs
Sourdough wheat to its proving baskets
Finish all shaping, proving, baking
Discuss: flour
ferments & sponges
5.30 pmCourse finishes