Baking Skills · 3 day

Course Description

This course will involve a fluid programme with multiple choices.

There is scope for the students themselves to set their own programme, while PANARY will only need to present a basic framework involving different grains, varying fermentation times and methods, working with sponges, and sourdough. Students can then assess results from various methods.

Yeasted pastries can be a major feature, with either croissants, brioche, or Danish being made daily. Tour the mill, observe the miller.

Panary | 3 Day General

Panary | 3 Day Baking Skills

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The three-day courses do not have a set programme. Instead the programme is set by request, students being invited to choose from the following broad areas:-

  • Every day breads to be made from:
    • refined, white flour (industrial)
    • coarser flours; & wholemeals (stoneground)
  • Working with flours other than wheat
    • rye
    • spelt
  • Sourdough
    • rye & wheat & spelt
    • nurturing leavens
  • Overnight sponges
    • English (“sponge”)
    • Continental  (“poolish”, “biga”)
  • English bread types
    • white traditional shapes
    • granary, wholemeal, malt
    • milk bread
    • buns, Chelsea buns,fruit loaves, & dough cake & lardy cake
  • French style breads
  • Italian style breads
  • Rolls
  • Flatbreads
  • Yeasted pastries
    • croissants
    • brioche
    • Danish
  • Using the wood-fired oven


  • It is possible to attend the three-day courses for only two days.
  • The wood-fired oven can be used by request on any course.

Day one of all courses begins at 10am with subsequent days beginning at 9am. The day finishes between 5 and 6pm. Unless otherwise stated, all courses run at Cann Mills, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 0BL

SPOUSES AND PARTNERS – are welcome to attend drinks in the bakery.