1 Day Wood-fired Oven

Course Description

Enjoy an exciting day with the masonry oven where you are learning to have the right food ready for the descending heat of the oven. Begin by firing it very hot, then we blister the skins off vegetables for making dips as we cook a range of flatbreads around the coals. Learn to rake out the coals and ash to have a clean floor for our proved loaf breads which can then be followed by meats, baked vegetables, casseroles and puddings. Somewhere in all the activity we shall settle for our lunch direct from the oven. The pitch of the course also caters to those who may be curious to observe the masonry oven and make enquiries with a view to deciding whether they may wish to acquire one from PANARY.

Course Programme

9:00 amPaul: *Light fire early.
When blazing well, shift fire to the perimeter.
10:00 amStudents arrive, coffee, discuss programme.
 Make BALADI by hand.
Make big WHITE DOUGH to be divided between
large loaves and FOCACCIA
Take off 2kg odd for focaccia, fold oil + water into it.
Method=several folds.
Prepare potatoes, parboil.
Chop garlic, etc., prepare all things for covering
flatbreads and making veggie dishes.
12:00 pm *When the fire is subsiding, cook a piece of steak on the hot floor tiles, roll peppers into the hot interior, near coals.
Make roasted peppers dish.
*Allow fire to remain as coals, no more logs
 1:00 pmVery hot oven for baking the flatbreads around a bed of coals: baladi
Allow fierce oven heat to reduce to merely hot for baking focaccia
Scatter the coals and reduce the draught so that heat is retained.
Hot oven for cooking the flatbreads around a bed of coals: baladi
Allow fierce oven heat to reduce to merely hot for baking focaccia
Scatter the coals and reduce the draught so that heat is retained.
 1:30 pmLUNCH
Scale white
Re-fire moderately for afternoon baking:
- white bread
- poultry
- potatoes with rosemary and garlic
5.30 pmCourse finishes

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