Sweet Doughs (Easter) · 1 day

Course Description

Sweet Doughs (Easter) Baking

Sweet dough - Hot cross buns

Hot Cross Buns for your Easter table

Celebrate Easter with memorable Hot Cross Buns, the Russian Easter bread called Kulich, and a plaiting session that will set you up to make a typical Greek Easter plait, with the red egg at its centre. On this course you will make these gorgeous Easter breads along with Devonshire Splits and Chelsea buns, with the focus on learning about handling yeast skilfully as it encounters difficulties fermenting these rich and sugary doughs.

Course Programme

10:00 amWelcome, coffee,  discuss programme
10:15 amMake sponge for DEVONSHIRE SPLITS
Discuss: ferments for rich doughs
10:30 amMake FERMENT for Hot + Buns & Chelsea Buns
Make second sponge for KULICH
11:15 amMake DOUGH for Devonshire Splits
11.30 amMake Fruit DOUGH for HOT + BUNS & CHELSEAS
Discuss: flours
salt / fat / butter
laminating the Chelseas

Prepare filling for Chelseas
12:00 amMake enriched dough for GREEK PLAITS
Prepare cochineal dyed eggs
12:30 pmMake the Kulich dough
1:00 pmMake the Devonshire splits (rolls)
On-going working the Chelseas
Working the hot + buns
2:00 pmShape and egg glaze the Chelsea buns
Making plaits
Make the kulich
Baking begins
4:30 pmFinish all baking / Tour the mill
5.00 pmCourse finishes