Sweet Doughs Christmas Baking · 1 day

Course Description

1 Day Sweet Doughs Christmas Baking Course

This Intermediate level course teaches about the differences that must be observed when yeasted dough is carrying quantities of sugars. We shall make three sweet breads: Chelsea buns, stollen, and the Norwegian Christmas bread, Julekake.

Finally, a special sweet pastry method will be shown as we make a batch of Christmas mince pies.

10:00 amWelcome, coffee,  discuss programme
10:15 amMake FERMENT for Chelsea Buns
Discuss: ferments for rich doughs
10:30 amMake ferment for STOLLEN
Make dough for Norweigian Yulekake
11:00 amMake Fruit DOUGH for CHELSEA BUNS
Discuss: flours
salt / fat / butter

Prepare filling for Chelseas
11.30 amMake DOUGH for Stollen
Work off the Yulekake
Prepare modelling paste (marzipan)
12:00 amMake Chelsea buns, laminating
Final shaping and glazing of Julekake
12:30 pmMake short sweet paste for mince pies
Discuss mince meat (fruit) filling
1:00 pmOn-going working the Chelseas
Baking begins
Working the stollen
2:00 pmShape and egg glaze the Chelsea buns & stollen
Make the mince pies
4:30 pmFinish all baking/ Tour the mill
5.00 pmCourse finishes