1 Day Sourdough Baking

Course Description

Pain au levain (PANARY’s flagship wheat sourdough), Russian rye, and spelt – a trio of remarkable sourdough breads made on this day. While waiting for these slow provers, learn about nurturing young leavens, so that you can steer them to maturity like the PANARY leavens that you will use and feed on this course. We find time to discuss the science behind that symbiotic relationship between wild yeasts and bacteria that gives the whole remarkable world of “sourdough.”

I just wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable and extremely informative day on Saturday. I learnt a lot and really appreciated your pragmatic approach to introducing a group of novices to the art of making sourdough. I have managed to take home what I learnt and bake bread with reasonable success. Many thanks again Paul for an excellent day.

Patrick Shone

Sourdough Baking Course Programme

08:00 amPaul refreshes wheat leaven (for pain au levain)
10:00 amArrive, coffee, inspect all leavens

Discuss terminology
10:15 amMAKE "White bubble" bread with Rye leaven
10:30 amMAKE pain au levain, with matured wheat leaven
11:00 amMAKE Russian Rye bread, with rye leaven
REFRESH both leavens
 11:40 amMAKE a RYE hybrid using sourdough and

factory yeast
Discuss: feeding regimes for both wheat and rye

starting a juvenile

nurturing a juvenile

spelt sourdough
 FOLD pain au levain

Watching and working the doughs,

shaping to basket or couche
4:00 pmTour the mill
Finish baking
5.30 pmCourse finishes

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