Pizza & Italian Baking · 1 day

Course Description

Pizza & Italian Baking

This course aims to capture the fun of those quintessential Italian breads like pizza & focaccia. Learn to make and bake these flatbreads with flair, creating a thin crust, good flavour, and the right amount of additions or topping to achieve a subtly satisfying result.

Have fun making the remarkable and irregular grissini which will stun your friends at the cocktail hour; make a superb rustic bread from the Italian south with golden semolina.

Pizza and Italian Baking Course Programme

9:00 amPaul - light oven
10:00 amWelcome, coffee,  discuss programme
10:30 amMake PIZZA and FOCACCIA dough

(Refrigerate focaccia)
Discuss:  flours
11:00 amMake GRISSINI
Discuss:  yeast, salt, gluten, flatbreads

Fold focaccia
12:00 pmPizza ingredients: chop veg / slice onions / prepare sauces
Paul - fire down now. Needs at least an hour for"settling"
1:00 pmShape  focaccia
1:30 pmPizza shaping and making
Bake pizza for lunch
2:00 pmShape grissini
Bake grissini in the electric oven
2:30 pmWork semolina bread
4:30 pmTour the mill
Finish all baking
5.00 pmCourse finishes