Patisserie & Viennoiserie Course · 1 day

Course Description

Patisserie & Viennoiserie Course

Danish pastries being glazed on the 1 day Patisserie and Viennoiserie course

Danish pastries being glazed on the 1 day Patisserie and Viennoiserie course.

This course teaches delicate French and Continental pastries, not bread, that go under the general name of viennoiserie.

Students will learn about high-quality yeasted puff pastry doughs, noting differences between their croissants and their viennoiserie. The Danish pastries will be filled with both almond paste and crème pâtissière, both of which will be made during the morning.

An action-packed day, learning to make a range of pretty shapes, with exquisite Danish and croissants to take home.

Course Programme

10:00 amWelcome, coffee,
inspect overnight croissant dough
and various chilled ingredients
10:15 amPrepare butter for laminating into CROISSANT dough
Begin croissant laminations, rolling & folding,
rest period in-between
10:30 amMake DANISH pastry dough,
to be rested in fridge
11:00 pmOn-going croissant laminating
Make pastry fillings:
- crème patissière
- ground almond
Make egg glaze & apricot glaze, lemon icing
11:30 amPrepare butter for laminating the Danish,
fridge rest
12:00 pmMake croissants,
12:30 pmOn-going laminating of Danish,
fridge rests in-between
Bake croissants
2:00 pmMaking Danish shapes to be filled
with almond paste
3:00 pmMaking Danish to be filled with
crème patissière
4:00 pmProving and baking Danish
Discuss oven temperatures for all pâtisserie-viennoiserie
5:00 pmDiscuss flour, tour the mill
5.30 pmCourse finishes