Nordic & Germanic Baking · 1 day

Course Description

Nordic & Germanic Baking

Rye sourdough tin loafThis intermediate level course features five items, involving bread types and baker’s techniques found from Germany to Scandinavia.

The rustic rye bread (typically Germanic, Alpine, and Scandinavian) has very little wheat in the mix. From South Tyrol comes a spiced bread that is savoury. For sweetness we have the cakey Austrian kugelhopf and limpa bread from Sweden that contains syrup in its dough.

You will learn about scalding flour, as practised in northern Europe and Scandinavia, with scalded spelt forming part of our mixed grains bread.

Course Programme

10:00 amWelcome, coffee, discuss programme
Inspect sourdough leavens -
rye for limpa, wheat for craggy rye bread
10:15 amscald:
- spelt (for mixed grain bread)
- rye (for limpa & glazing)
Make quick sponge (poolish) for BREATL
10:45 amMake RYE dough
11:15 pmMake LIMPA dough with warm scalded rye
- scalding rye & spelt
- flours, partic rye
- gluten

11:45 amMake BREATL dough
12:15 pmMake MIXED GRAIN dough
Work off the Limpa
12:45 pmMake kugelhopf ferment, occurring in the mixing bowl
Work off and bake the breatl
Fold the rye, discuss folding
1:00 pmLUNCH
Bake the limpa
Fold the mixed grain
1:30 pmMake KUGELHOPF dough
2:00 pmWork the rye
Work the mixed grain
3:00 pmWork the kugelhopf
4:30 pmTour the mill
Finish all baking
5.00 pmCourse finishes