French Baking · 1 day

Course Description

Butter croissants from our French Baking course

Butter croissants

Working with poolish you will make and roll out elegant sticks, as though you were aspiring to make an authentic baguette. Another white dough will be made for practising French shapes like the boule and the batard, and other more fancy rustic shapes. With rye and walnuts make a typical country-style bread.

Learn Paul’s method of making splendid croissants fitted to the seven hours of this one-day session. Our discussion time focuses on pinning down the essential characteristics of French bread, and why it is adored the world over.

French Baking Course Programme

09:00 amPaul makes CROISSANT dough
10:00 amStudents' arrival, coffee,  discuss programme
10:15 amInspect slow, overnight poolish
Make quick poolish to be used later for WHITE DOUGH making
- set to ripen in approx 2 hours
10:30 amMake BAGUETTE dough, using overnight poolish
Later it will receive a fold
11:00 amButter into the croissants. First book fold.
For next two hours:
Continue laminating the pastry, 2nd book fold, 1 x normal fold
Discuss: poolish and sponges generally
French flour
French methods and bread shapes
12:30 pmFrom the quick poolish:
Make COUNTRY BREAD DOUGH (pain de campagne)
with brown, rye, walnuts, etc.
 1:00 pmWork the baguettes
1:30 pmLUNCH
Baking begins
Shape the croissants
2:30 pmWork the white dough (boules) and the pain de campagne
Tour the mill
5:00 pmFinish baking, crusty in the French style
5.30 pmCourse finishes