1 Day Flatbreads

Course Description

Using different flours and widely ranging techniques, explore flatbreads from Scandinavian rye crisp bread to the wheat types of the Middle East, beginning with the pita bread baked in a punishingly hot wood-fired oven for the best result.

Enjoy earthy flavours from Italian focaccia and the Iranian barbari, learning about folding, shaping and docking; learn to handle the wafer thin “Parchment” crisp bread; it is a day of contrasting skills and excitement, using both electric and wood-fired ovens.

Course Programme

10:00 amWelcome, coffee, discuss programme
10:15 amMake ferment for PITA (BALADI)
10:30 amMake AUTOLYSE for white dough (FOCACCIA & PARCHMENT)
10:45 amMake KNACKEBROD, Swedish flatbread
11:00 amFrom the autolyse, take off the parchment, knead in its salt,
add yeast and salt to the rest, and knead the FOCACCIA dough.
Start working olive oil + extra water into the focaccia
11:15 pmMake PITA dough
11:30 amMake BARBARI
- autolyse
- folding
- flours
- gluten
- salt
- yeast

Make toppings for focaccia and Parchment
12:00 pmMake the knackebrod
Make the parchment sheets
Make the barbari's roomal paste
12:30 pmWork the pita, ready for lunch
Bake the parchment & knackebrod
Work focaccia
1:30 pmWork the Barbari
4:00 pmMill tour
Finish all baking
5.00 pmCourse finishes