1 Day Basic

Course Description

Discuss yeast, fermentation, and flour. Knead white and wholemeal, make buns with a “ferment”.

Hands-on shaping practice, be guided about dough development, proof, and baking.

We tackle as much as can be reasonably covered in a day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tour the mill.

Festive: Basic courses before Easter will feature the Hot Cross Bun. Basic courses before Christmas will feature stollen.

I want to say a big thank you for a brilliant day yesterday at Panary. The basic course was pitched just right for me and not only taught me the necessary science behind the bread baking, but also answered the questions that I had been struggling with for a while.

I really enjoyed the hands-on work and have come away with a better understanding of the process, which I can now use to improve my baking further at home. Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable experience and a course that I would strongly recommend to anyone who appreciates “proper” bread and the sense of achievement that comes with baking!

Valerie Clinch

Course Programme

10:00 amWelcome, coffee,  discuss programme
10:30 amMake WHOLEMEAL
Discuss:  flours
11:00 amMake  2 WHITES: Cann Mills (organic) - stoneground

compared with modern roller mill flour
Discuss:  yeast, salt, gluten
Work the wholemeal
12:30 pmMake FERMENT for buns
1:30 pmMake  BUN DOUGH
work the whites
Scaling, relaxing, moulding
2:30 pmShaping buns
4:00 pmTour the mill
Finish all baking
5.30 pmCourse finishes

Course Booking

Bookings are no longer available for this event.